Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Diet Starts Today

Jill has decided she is going on the Nutrisystem diet. The girls at Curves where Jill works out, seem to favor Nutrisytem over Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig. Earlier this week we went online to order a month's supply of Nutisystem food.

Being the dutiful husband and having a few pounds I would like to shed, I've agreed to help her out by starting a diet of my own. While I'm not doing any of the formal programs, I'm cutting out the junk foods and drinks.

I'm not looking for the glycemic advantage, ketonosis, chemoprevention, nutraceuticals, and phytochemicals or any of the diet catch phrases. I'm just going to eat better, eat less, and exercise.

This could actually be fun. Jill is a very picky eater and while we eat well and what we eat and she cooks tastes great, there isn't a vast variety of meal selections. Mind you it's ample and supplemented by eating out, but I'm adventurous and will try anything that isn't moving (within cultural reason).

Since she will be eating her Nutrisystem meals, I have the opportunity to roam the isles of the supermarket in search of variety. Of course I'll be sticking to healthy foods. I made my first trip a few hours ago and stocked up on breakfast cereals, breakfast bars, soups, and a selection of Healthy Choice, SmartOnes, and Lean Cuisine entrees.

I also picked up a Nissin Chicken Flavored Chow. It's dried noodles, dried veggies, and a liquid flavor pack. Add water, microwave and eat. It was only 240 calories. It was simple enough and it looked good.

Well was filling enough, but looked better than it tasted. While it didn't taste bad, I'm not going back for more. Oh, one other thing. I just dug the label out to get the name spelled correctly and I realized that it's 240 calories per serving and there were two servings per container. It was filling because I ate for two.

I guess the diet starts tomorrow.


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