Monday, October 22, 2007

It Was a Good Week

Well, Jill might not have been overly enamored with some of the foods, but she and I both did loose two pounds the first week.

One thing that upset her was the fact that the deal she signed up for came with two weeks of free food. Unfortunately, she didn't have any say in what that food would be. I guess they figured they would send things that she didn't order so that she would try them. WRONG!

Today I called up to arrange for an exchange of unwanted foods. The exchange process was relatively painless except for the fact that she had to talk to them to authorize me to talk to them. It didn't matter that I did all the ordering and it was on my credit card, but it's a privacy and security thing and I understand.

The resulting phone call set up the exchange and when we receive the exchange form in an e-mail, about 40 items will be going back, including eggs which she had for breakfast.

Breakfast - Jill likes her eggs over light with some toast for dipping. The only time in the past 40 years that I've seen her eat scrambled eggs is when we were on diets and she couldn't have toast. She did order some Scrambled Eggs, but they didn't pass her taste test. They were about what you would expect from powdered eggs. Jill give the eggs a 5-, so they are all going back to be exchanged for Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

My breakfast was two real eggs over light with a piece of wheat toast and strawberry jam. I gave them an 8, but then again, I made them myself. :-)

Lunch - The picture on the front of Nutrisystem Pasta Parmesan with Broccoli shows nice chunks of broccoli... That pause was the time it took me to stop laughing. I have no way of comparing the overall weight of the broccoli in the picture to the broccoli in the actual product, but if it is the same, it was put in a shredder first. Jill said it smelled great, but she may not have followed the cooking instructions exactly right, because some of the pasta was very al dente and the mixture was very watery. She's going to give it another try, so I'll hold off giving it a rating until Pasta and Broccoli Parmesan take two.

My lunch consisted of a bowl of Campbell's Chicken and Rice Soup and an Oscar Meyers Hot Dog on whole wheat bread. What can I say? For me it's a diet meal. For a kid, it's a banquet.

Dinner - I finished the other half of my soup from lunch along with a Lean Cuisine Panini and Jill had a Nutrisystem Potato Wedges and Beef Steak. I keep forgetting to bring my digital camera to the table to show you how much the food resemble or doesn't resemble the packaging.

The panini was very tasty and looked very much like the packaging. I gave it a 7+ for taste. On the other hand, it's becoming increasingly obvious that if appearance of the product and the picture on the label were covered under the truth in advertising act, Nutrisystem would be in trouble. Jill gave the taste a 6+ and that's considerably higher than I would give the appearance in relation to the packaging. But hey, it's the taste that counts and she didn't select Nutrisystem for presentation.

We shared Nutrisystem Cherry Jubilee Pudding for dessert. I made it last night and let it sit in the fridge overnight.

As a kid, we both loved cherry flavor, but as adults neither one of use are crazy about it and given a choice, we go with a different flavor whether it is ice cream, pie, candy or whatever. Keeping that in mind, we both gave the pudding a rating of 7+. It had typical pudding consistency. The first few bites were "very cherry", but after a few bites it grew on us. I was worried that there would be an after taste, but there was none.

Not surprisingly, the packaging and the product look almost alike, but hey, how can you mess up on that one.


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