Saturday, November 3, 2007

Hold that Food!

A few days ago we packed up all of the items Jill didn't want, selected other items in exchange, and shipped them back to Nutrisystem. We can hardly wait to see what happens with the exchange.

Yesterday, I called and canceled the auto-shipment and thus our venture into the world of Nutrisystem comes to a close. There are still a few items she kept and will try and those reviews will be forthcoming. However, once she finishes, we will both be eating the other healthy frozen food options and I'll continue with those reviews.

I mentioned that I've been munching on fresh veggies between meals and loving it. One of my favorites is raw cauliflower, but not just by itself. You have to dip it in cocktail sauce. Now, if you haven't tried this and it sounds a bit strange, if you like shrimp cocktail, trust me. Try it. You'll love it!


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