Friday, November 9, 2007

Out to Lunch... Back Soon

If you read either of my other two blogs here at, you know that I've been out of town for since Sunday. As a result, I've been eating in Chicago, but I've been good. Ok, ok, I cheated a little bit with the hash browns for breakfast and a French Dip, but other than that it's been soup, salad and health bars.

On the home front, or actually in MA where Jill is visiting our daughter and new grandson, she has been continuing with the Nutrisystem diet. However, there's not much to report there, because she has been eating mostly meals that we have already reviewed.

She did try two new items. She had the Hearty Ministroni soup. We reported on the Italian Ministroni. She gave that a passing grade, but liked the hearty variety even more. Her comment was, "The Italian had meat in it, or what they called meat. It had the consistency of a sponge. I like this better."

The other item she tried was a strawberry snack bar. It was actually an item that she she brought to MA in case my daughter might like it. Jill was predespoded to reject it out of hand, but tried it and like Mikey, she liked it.

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