Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It Tastes Like Chicken

Jill never signed up for a second round of Nutrisystem and we are just on a maintenance diet. Many of the first round foods are still sitting unopened, unappetizing, and uneaten in the pantry, but today I decided to try their Chicken Breast Patty.

They provide oven and microwave instructions and suggest eating it on a whole grain roll. I got creative and put it on rye bread, added a slice of tomato, two slices of American cheese and put it in a sandwich grill.

Whenever you see a movie in which a castaway or a visitor to a foreign land is forced by necessity or custom to each some strange animal, they often utter the cliche, "It tastes like chicken." The thing is that anyone eating Nutrisystem Chicken Breast would be hard pressed to utter those same words.

When I slice the sandwich open, I expected it to be white. After all, it is chicken breast, but the other non-chicken ingredients gave it a reddish brown cast. Outside, it did look like chicken, but inside is was obviously processed and had the appearance and consistency of Spam. However, it didn't taste bad at all and I actually gave it an 8. Of course, I'd have to give at least one point of the 8 to my creative recipe.